50 Countries, 1 Year

Over breakfast this morning, I asked me and The Fiance's dear friend Scholke what type of challenge I should undertake on my recipe blog this year. "52 recipes!" He said, referencing the fact that I read 52 books in 2009 as my New Year's resolution. I told him that was too easy a challenge. "Well," he said, "You could do one recipe each week that uses an ingredient you've never used before." I rejected this because it would be a steep and slippery slope into needing to make lobsters or octopus (which I refuse to do). Then he said, "OR! 50 recipes from 50 different countries!" I liked this very much.

And so, there it is. I will attempt 50 different recipes from 50 different countries this year. On the 4-hour car ride back from Madison, I made a list of over 50 potential countries, so there shouldn't be any major issues. Of course, some countries have very similar cuisines (like Thailand and Laos, India and Pakistan, England and Australia), but I will strive to make dishes distinctive of the country.

I am VERY open to taking your tried-and-true recipes from all over the world. While I have many ideas, I would love to hear yours. Let 'em rip!


mickeymouseinoz said...

Hi Heather,
I am your mother's Aussie LiveJournal friend, Mike. I was born in England. Aussie and English food is often very similar as you say. But there are differences. The English Yorkshire Pudding is not very common in Australia. And in Austrlia I have come to like Kangaroo meat (steaks mostly). It is a stronger meat than beef which I like.

cheers... Mike

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